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Allianz, headquartered in Munich, is a German financial services company operating mainly in the insurance and asset management sectors globally. In 2021, it was the fourth largest insurance company worldwide by revenue. In terms of total assets, Allianz was ranked second globally in 2023, with an asset value surpassing one trillion U.S. dollars. Allianz also proved to be sixth most valuable German brand in 2022, with a brand value over 40 billion euros.

How much revenue does Allianz generate?

The life and health (L&H) insurance business line generated the largest share of Allianz’s revenue in the past decade. The life and health sector was followed by the property and casualty insurance segment, and then the asset management sector. The operating profit of Allianz grew year-on-year between 2011 and 2019, before dropping in 2020. However, it rebounded to a 16-year peak in 2022. The dividend Allianz paid to shareholders was equal to 11.40 euro per share in 2022.

What is the value of Allianz’s insurance premiums?

In 2022, Allianz wrote total gross premiums worth 94 billion euros. The value of Allianz Group’s net premiums written by the property/casualty (P&C) insurance segment stood at 59 billion euros in 2022, while that of the L&H segment reached just over 25 billion euros. Despite the higher premiums written by the P&C segment, the L&H segment generated more revenue due to investment income. Property and casualty insurance provides protection on owned property (such as homes or cars), and casualty insurance means that the policy offered includes liability coverage in the case of legal altercations.

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