Choosing The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


An attorney can help you gain adequate compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company, provide legal guidance and advice, and represent you if your claim goes to court. At the very least, an attorney can take the responsibility of managing your case off of your shoulders while you recover from your accident.

However, the motorcycle accident attorney you choose to work with can play a significant role in the success or failure of your claim. Choosing the wrong lawyer could leave you with expensive legal fees and no better chance of securing the insurance payout you need to move forward.

We’ve created this guide to walk you through the process of choosing the right motorcycle accident lawyer for your specific needs. Once you finish reading, contact our Law Tigers team to learn more about our motorcycle accident attorneys in your area.

1. Find Accident Lawyers Near You

Identifying your options is the first step in choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer. You should always work with a local attorney, as they have the necessary licenses and qualifications to practice in your area. They also know the motorcycle accident laws pertinent to your case.

You can identify local motorcycle accident lawyers in three ways: asking friends for recommendations, completing a Google search, or checking with your local bar association.


Receiving recommendations from family members, friends, or neighbors is one of the most reliable ways to identify trustworthy motorcycle accident attorneys near you. For example, if you have any friends who have worked with lawyers for motorcycle accidents in the past, you can ask them about their experiences.

If you cannot receive any personal recommendations for an attorney in your area, you can also try completing a Google search. We recommend searching for “motorcycle accident lawyer near me” or adding your city name into the query. Google should show you a list of potential candidates in your general area.


Most counties and major cities have a bar association, which is a professional association of lawyers within that area. You can perform a Google search for “(your city) bar association” to find your local organization.

Many bar association websites have a “find a lawyer” feature that you can use to review all of the personal injury lawyers in your area. Some of these organizations also have a lawyer referral program, allowing you to speak with a professional from the bar to help you find a lawyer who meets your needs.

If you have no other leads, using this feature can help you identify reputable, qualified lawyers in your city.

Once you have identified several potential candidates, you can begin narrowing your searches to one attorney who will provide the best representation for your case. We recommend condensing your list by reviewing each candidate’s experience and licenses, interviewing your choices, reviewing their work styles, and discussing each lawyer’s fees.


Motorcycle accident attorneys fall under the broader category of personal injury lawyers. While any personal injury lawyer could help you with a motorcycle collision case, not all of these lawyers have relevant experience and training in motorcycle accidents. Instead, we recommend searching for an attorney with specific motorcycle accident experience.

You can review an attorney’s experience by reading about their success stories on their websites. Many lawyers also have an online “About Me” page that you can read to learn about their education, experience in the legal field, and specialties.

Along with reviewing an attorney’s experience, you should also ensure that they have the proper licenses to practice in your area.


After ensuring that all of your candidates have the necessary licenses and experience, your next step is to interview them. Most lawyers offer a free consultation, during which you can discuss the details of your accident and learn how they plan to help you.

While consultations may seem like a way for a lawyer to interview you, you can also use these meetings to interview the attorney. You should feel free to ask questions like:

  • How many motorcycle accident cases have you taken on?
  • Is my case very different from your previous cases?
  • If I hire you, what is your plan to help me?
  • What percentage of your motorcycle accident cases have ended in a settlement?

Asking these questions can help you identify whether an attorney is right for your case. For example, if a lawyer does not have a plan in mind to help you, you may not be able to trust their practices.

Additionally, asking questions can show the lawyer that you are serious about finding the right person for your needs. Sometimes, showing your passion about your case can lead an attorney to step up and put more effort into assisting you.


During your interview with an attorney and any other times you communicate with them, you can gauge how their personality may reflect their work style.

Some attorneys are more direct, tough, and serious, while others are more laid back and go-with-the-flow. While both personality types can create a successful attorney, you may mesh better with one than the other.

Along with ensuring that you get along well with an attorney, we also recommend seeking out an attorney with the following characteristics:

  • Professionalism: Your motorcycle accident is serious to you, so your attorney should take it seriously as well. Attorneys show that they take you seriously by treating you with professionalism and respect.
  • Compassion: Attorneys should also show compassion toward you as they help you navigate your case. If your motorcycle accident was severe, you probably feel a lot of stress and sadness surrounding the crash. A compassionate attorney can help you through your case without adding to your stress.
  • Attention to detail: Details can make or break a successful accident claim. If an attorney does not pay attention to detail during the interview, they may overlook important evidence that could assist your case.
  • Commitment: Finally, you should be sure that your attorney devotes their full attention to your case. If an attorney seems to have several other cases on their plate, they may not have enough time to give you their best effort.


Before you settle on a motorcycle accident lawyer, you should be sure to ask about each attorney’s fees and associated costs. You may find that an attorney who otherwise seems perfect is simply too far out of your price range. Establishing a lawyer’s fees upfront can help you avoid losing more money in your case.

3. Make Your Choice

Once you’ve gathered all the above information, you will have the necessary resources to choose a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you. At Law Tigers, we make finding a reputable, trustworthy attorney easy. You can search through our site for experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in your area who have the skills necessary to represent you well.

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