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Toilet brush, strong cleaning power, toilet brush white, durable toilet brush, stable standing toilet brush holder, easy to assemble toilet brush, stylish toilet brush set for toilets, guest toilets

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Key Specifications
  1. Color: White
  2. Brand SANGFOR
  3. Color White
  4. Product dimensions 14L x 18W x 14H cm
  5. Number of articles 1

Information about this article

Strong cleaning power: Our toilet brush ensures deep cleaning thanks to its dense bristles. The flexible brush head of the toilet brush can reach hard-to-reach areas. Fine bristles on the toilet brush can effectively remove dirt and thoroughly clean every corner of the toilet. The surface-friendly toilet brush holder leaves no annoying scratches in the toilet. Practical Toilet Brush helps you clean the toilet super easily.
Stylish & functional toilet brush set: The toilet brush set has an elegant design and practical function. The ergonomic handle of the toilet brushes fits comfortably in the hand and reduces effort when cleaning. The 31 cm long rod of the toilet brushes does not get your hands dirty, which is more hygienic. Our stylish toilet brushes & holders give the bathroom a modern touch. Elegant toilet broom fits well into different interior styles.
Stable standing toilet brush white: The toilet brush & holder takes up little space. The white toilet brush holder has a diameter of 14 cm and the diameter of the brush head is 9 cm. The toilet brush can be easily removed and inserted without the toilet brush getting stuck in the holder. When the toilet brush is not in use, it stands stable in the holder. Thanks to the good ventilation of the toilet brush, the brush head dries very quickly and there is no odor in the bathroom.
Durable & hard-wearing: The toilet brush holder is made of high-quality PP plastic that will not rust. Our Toilet Brush does not smell any unpleasant chemical smell. The bristles are firmly integrated into the brush head of the toilet brush set and do not fall off. The robust toilet brush set guarantees longevity. The stylish toilet brushes are good for toilets, guest toilets and hotels etc.
Easy to assemble: The white toilet brush is assembled from the brush head and handle. Installing the toilet brushes is effortless and can only be completed by turning them. The removable toilet brush is easier to clean. Our toilet brush is made of special waterproof plastic and the toilet brush is easy to rinse

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