Tips for hosting the perfect Super Bowl party, depending on your guest count


Decorations in your team colors and platters of buffalo wings might be Super Bowl party staples, but are you ready to take your party to the next level? On Feb. 11, 2024, Las Vegas will host the Super Bowl for the first time in city history at its newly opened Allegiant Stadium, which means celebrating Sin City will be a popular game-day theme to add extra fun.
“Since the game is in Vegas, we will see more extravagant touches on VIP areas/themes and Casino Royale themes. Casino game-style setup will be a popular one,” said Party Hero co-founder Shannon Crist about this year’s most prevalent Super Bowl party theme. “The Vegas vibe with taking ‘bets’ and predictions on anything and everything will be a centerpiece of the party. Making prediction cards like these gets everyone excited and involved regardless of what team they are rooting for.”
If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party this year, going all-in on the Vegas theme can make your party memorable. But remember, the most important thing for hosts is keeping your guests comfortable, fed, and hydrated. Crist and her Party Hero co-founder Brie Gebhardt have seen the “over the top” party trend fading and replaced with “thoughtful, meaningful, and intentional experiences.”
The centerpiece of any football viewing party is the TV, so no matter the guest count, your #1 priority should be making sure you’ve got a great reception and sound and that there is space for everyone to see. And definitely don’t run out of food and drinks because, let’s be real, many of your guests will just be there to eat, drink, and watch Usher’s halftime show (especially if you’re throwing a big party).
Ready to plan an unforgettable Super Bowl party? Peerspace interviewed experts, scoured the web, and found tips on hosting the perfect Super Bowl party, whether your guest count is five to 10 people, 20 to 40, or a 50-plus-guest extravaganza.

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