The recent arrest of dozens of drug trafficking suspects by European police


The arrest of suspects involved in drug trafficking operations is a crucial step in dismantling criminal networks, disrupting the flow of illegal drugs, and holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. By targeting key individuals and organizations involved in drug trafficking, law enforcement agencies seek to weaken the infrastructure and capabilities of criminal syndicates and reduce the availability of illicit drugs in communities.

59 persons were detained by European authorities on suspicion of being involved in and running a drug trafficking network with operations centred in Italy and Albania.

Between Monday, February 5, and Tuesday, February 6, suspects were detained in Albania, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Ten more individuals in Italy were the subject of additional precautionary measures.

According to Europe’s judicial organisation Eurojust, “the network primarily used cars with double bottoms or secret compartments to smuggle heroin, cocaine, hashish, and marijuana into Germany and Spain.”

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