Relatives of rescued hostages appeal to Gaza deal to free others.


Relatives of two hostages rescued from Gaza overnight called for a wider deal between Israel and Hamas to secure the release of others still held in the Palestinian territories.
Air strikes by Israeli special forces against the southern Gaza city of Rafah killed Louis Hari (70) and Fernando Simon Marman (60) and about 100 Palestinians, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.Speaking from the Israeli hospital where the two underwent medical tests, Harry’s son-in-law described the family reunion as “a lot of tears, hugs, few words”.“Fortunately for us as a family, we managed to save them tonight.

But I must say that the work is not done, Idan Bejerano told reporters at Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv.”We are happy today, but we have not won. This is just one step to bring home all the other” hostages, he continued.Marman’s niece, Gefen Sigal Ilan, said she was still “shaken” by the news of her uncle’s rescue.”When I saw him, I couldn’t “I don’t believe he was real”, he told AFP.

He said the families of the hostages will continue to fight for the release of the other prisoners..

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