PTI taking decisions that are not in favour of democracy, says Bilawal


PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said that PTI is taking decisions that are not conducive to democracy, referring to the recent announcement by the Imran Khan-led party that it will not open a dialogue between PML-N, PTI and MQM-P

“Saying that we are not talking to anyone, well don’t do it. But why did people vote for you? They voted for you to solve these problems, […] the political power must listen to others.”If they don’t, it will hurt the country,” Bilawal noted.

He stated that PPP has decided to raise the slogan “Pakistan khappay” again today only for the good of the country and people.“We support political parties without entering government in the form of ministries or PDM 2 as people say. We cannot be part of it. As far as Prime Ministers’ affairs, budget and legislation are concerned, we support them,” Bilawal added..

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