Maryam criticises parties reliant on hollow promises


PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz responds with biting criticism to PPP chairman’s fiery speeches as political temperature rises ahead of polls
Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz Thursday criticised political parties relying on empty promises and resorting to blame games, a veiled attack on her opponent, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari.
The PML-N stalwart’s biting criticism of Bilawal’s fiery speeches comes as the spat between the two parties escalated with the rising political temperature ahead of February 8 — the day of the sought-after general elections.
Bilawal, a former ally of the ex-former ruling party, has been generously targeting his political rivals, especially the PML-N.
While addressing a public gathering in Lahore’s NA-119 on Thursday — the National Assembly constituency from where she is a contender for the upcoming polls — Maryam said in response that all the political parties except for PML-N have done nothing.
“Other parties criticise and level allegations day and night,” the politician added.
Maryam also said that some parties in Punjab have ruled the province for 15 years but don’t even have 15 developmental projects that they can mention as their service to the masses.
“A person [present] in Punjab is saying that Nawaz Sharif hasn’t given the [party] manifesto. Nawaz Sharif will give the manifesto in the next few days,” she added.
The PML-N stalwart further said that she’s aware that she has to serve the people of the constituency.
After winning the elections to resolve the people’s issues and complaints, the politician then promised the masses that she’d have an active office in the constituency.
Maryam urged the people to think carefully before giving their vote as the vote decides the future of Pakistan.
Separately, PML-N President and former prime minister Shehbaz Sharif, in his address to a rally in Mandi Bahauddin, also took a jibe at Bilawal without naming him, saying that someone said they would release the political prisoners if they come into power.
“I suggest them to announce the abolition of personal prisons as well,” Shehbaz said, adding that his brother Nawaz, a three-time former prime minister, would establish a modern university in the city if given a chance.
The remark is opposed to Bilawal’s stance, according to which Nawaz is determined to harm the country via his “habitual revenge politics” if he comes to power once again.
The former foreign minister, who is also eyeing the prime minister’s seat, insists on burying the old ways of politics as opposed to Nawaz, who he says would pursue politics of revenge if he is elected premier for a fourth time.
As the nationwide polls draw closer, the political parties scramble to woo the voters to claim success. Bilawal led a gruelling four-week campaign. Still, other parties began canvassing just last week.

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