Germany: One could categorise the AfD youth organisation as “extremist.”


In Germany, the AfD youth organization has drawn scrutiny and criticism from various quarters, with some observers categorizing it as “extremist.” The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party’s youth wing, known as “Junge Alternative” (JA), has faced allegations of promoting far-right ideologies, nationalist sentiments, and anti-immigrant rhetoric. Its members have been accused of engaging in xenophobic, racist, and discriminatory behavior, prompting concerns about the organization’s influence and impact on German politics and society. Despite denials from AfD leadership, the characterization of the JA as “extremist” underscores broader debates about the rise of far-right movements and the challenges of addressing radicalization and intolerance within democratic societies like Germany.

On Monday, a German administrative court decided that the German domestic intelligence agency could designate the young branch of the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD) as a “certified right-wing extremist endeavour.”

An injunction by the AfD and its “Junge Alternative” (JA), or Young Alternative, which attempted to remove the classification, was denied by an administrative court in the western city of Cologne in a judgement made public on Tuesday.

A higher court may hear an appeal of this week’s decision.

What ruling did the court make?
The court stated, in essence, that it was “convinced that the JA is an extremist organisation.”

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