Elections 2024 in Pakistan, Government actions regarding security


As Pakistan prepares for the 2024 planned on 08-Feb-2024, ensuring security during the electoral process is of paramount importance for the government. Given the backdrop of previous incidents of violence and security challenges in the country, the government is likely to take a series of actions to safeguard the electoral process and ensure the safety of voters, candidates, and electoral staff. Some potential government actions regarding security for the 2024 elections in Pakistan may include:

Enhanced Security Deployment: The government is likely to deploy additional security personnel, including police, paramilitary forces, and possibly military units, to polling stations, election offices, and other key locations to deter potential threats and respond promptly to any security incidents.

Intelligence Gathering and Coordination: Government agencies, including intelligence services, are expected to intensify efforts to gather actionable intelligence on potential security threats and coordinate closely with law enforcement agencies to preemptively disrupt any planned attacks or acts of violence.

Election Security Planning and Training:
Security agencies are likely to conduct comprehensive security assessments and develop detailed election security plans tailored to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of different regions. Specialized training programs may be organized to equip security personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage security challenges during the electoral process.

Securing Polling Stations and Transportation: Measures will be taken to secure polling stations, ballot boxes, and electoral materials to prevent tampering or interference. Security arrangements will also be made to safeguard the transportation of electoral materials and ensure their safe delivery to polling stations in remote or high-risk areas.

Public Awareness and Vigilance: The government may launch public awareness campaigns to educate voters about security measures and encourage them to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or threats to authorities. Collaboration with local communities and civil society organizations may also be leveraged to enhance community policing and grassroots-level security initiatives.

Technology and Surveillance: The deployment of technology, such as CCTV cameras, biometric verification systems, and electronic monitoring tools, may be expanded to enhance surveillance and monitoring of polling stations and sensitive areas. Advanced communication systems may also be utilized to facilitate real-time coordination and response by security forces.

Internet and Mobile services: the acting government and security institutions are planning to disconnect the internet and mobile services during the day of election.

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