Dental insurance in germany -Zahnzusatzversicherung


Dental insurance in Germany -Zahnzusatzversicherung

Dental insurance in Germany is typically included as part of your overall health insurance coverage, whether you have statutory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung or GKV) or private health insurance (Private Krankenversicherung or PKV). Here’s how to ensure you have dental coverage:

Statutory Health Insurance (GKV):

If you have statutory health insurance, dental coverage is generally included as part of your health insurance package. Here’s how it works:

    • Automatic Enrollment: When you enroll in GKV, you are automatically enrolled in the dental insurance program. It covers basic dental care, including regular check-ups, cleanings, and basic treatments.
    • Supplementary Dental Insurance: While basic dental care is covered, you may choose to purchase supplementary dental insurance (Zahnzusatzversicherung) to enhance your coverage. This can help cover more extensive dental treatments or specialized procedures.
    • Check Coverage: Contact your specific health insurance provider (Krankenkasse) to understand the details of your dental coverage, including any additional benefits or limitations.

Private Health Insurance (PKV):

If you have private health insurance in Germany, dental coverage can vary significantly depending on your chosen policy and provider. Here’s what to consider:

    • Selecting a Policy: When choosing a private health insurance policy, you can customize your coverage. Dental insurance can be included as part of your private health insurance package, but you’ll have more flexibility to choose the level of coverage that suits your needs.
    • Check Policy Details: Review your private health insurance policy to understand the extent of your dental coverage. It may cover routine check-ups, cleanings, and more extensive dental treatments.
    • Dental Supplementary Insurance: Some private health insurance policies may also offer dental supplementary insurance, allowing you to enhance your dental coverage with additional benefits.
    • Contact Your Insurer: If you have questions about your dental coverage or wish to add dental insurance to your existing private health insurance policy, contact your insurance company for guidance.

 Purchasing Standalone Dental Insurance:

In some cases, you may opt for standalone dental insurance (Zahnzusatzversicherung) in addition to your health insurance. Standalone dental insurance can be purchased from various insurance providers in Germany and can provide more comprehensive dental coverage, including specialized treatments and orthodontic care.

To get standalone dental insurance, follow these steps:

    • Research Insurance Providers: Look for insurance companies that offer standalone dental insurance in Germany.
    • Request Quotes: Contact the providers you are interested in and request quotes for dental insurance.
    • Compare Coverage: Compare the quotes you receive, considering factors such as coverage limits, premiums, and any waiting periods or exclusions.
    • Choose a Provider: Select the dental insurance provider that best meets your needs and budget.
    • Complete the Application: Fill out the application form provided by the insurance company, and pay the required premiums to activate your dental insurance.

Before making a decision, carefully review the terms and conditions of any dental insurance policy to understand the coverage, waiting periods, and any exclusions that may apply. Dental insurance in Germany can be a valuable way to manage the costs of dental care, especially for more extensive treatments, so choose a plan that aligns with your dental health needs.


There are several insurance providers in Germany that offer Zahnzusatzversicherung, which is dental supplementary insurance. Keep in mind that the availability of providers and their offerings may have changed since then. Here are some well-known dental supplementary insurance providers in Germany:

  1. DKV: DKV offers dental supplementary insurance with various coverage options to meet individual dental health needs.
  2. ARAG: ARAG provides dental insurance that covers a range of dental treatments and procedures.
  3. AXA: AXA offers dental supplementary insurance plans to complement your existing health insurance coverage.
  4. Allianz: Allianz provides dental supplementary insurance that includes coverage for preventive and restorative dental treatments.
  5. Signal Iduna: Signal Iduna offers dental supplementary insurance with customizable coverage options.
  6. HanseMerkur: HanseMerkur offers dental insurance plans that cover preventive and therapeutic dental treatments.
  7. Barmenia: Barmenia provides dental supplementary insurance to enhance your dental coverage.
  8. HUK-Coburg: HUK-Coburg offers dental supplementary insurance with various options to meet different dental care needs.
  9. Deutsche Familienversicherung: Deutsche Familienversicherung offers dental insurance plans with different coverage levels and options.
  10. DFV Deutsche Familienversicherung: DFV provides dental supplementary insurance to complement your existing health insurance coverage.
  11. Hallesche: Hallesche offers dental insurance plans with flexible options for coverage.
  12. Universa: Universa provides dental supplementary insurance for various dental care needs.

Please note that the availability and specifics of dental supplementary insurance plans can vary between providers. It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions, coverage limits, waiting periods, and any exclusions when considering a dental supplementary insurance plan. Additionally, consult with insurance providers directly or visit their websites to get the most up-to-date information on their dental insurance offerings.

When choosing a dental supplementary insurance provider and plan, consider factors such as the coverage provided, premiums, additional benefits, and your specific dental health needs. Comparing multiple insurance providers and plans can help you find the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

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